Brake Maintenance and Repairs

Brake Maintenance and Repairs

Your brakes are subject to a lot of wear and tear, and the demands of winter driving in Vermont means brakes take even more of a beating. Regular brake maintenance is critical for keeping your car in safe operating condition, so it’s important to stick to a service schedule. At Speedi Automotive, we offer routine brake maintenance as well as brake repairs. Whether your brakes simply need a check-up, or you’ve noticed signs of a potential problem, our highly trained team of professionals is up to the task.

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Why do my brakes need maintenance?

Brake maintenance services are all about catching issues with your brakes in early stages, so they can be fixed before they become dangerous or require expensive repairs. Although maintenance should drastically reduce your risk of developing brake problems, issues do occur. It’s extremely important not to ignore signs of brake problems. The last thing you want to experience is a brake failure while you’re driving.

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What happens during a brake maintenance service?

A maintenance service for brakes includes these steps:

  • Visual inspection of parts of your brakes
  • Brake caliper cleaning and lubrication
  • Replacement of brake pads and rotors
  • Brake assembly cleaning
  • Flushing and replacement of your brake fluid

After the service, we’ll let you know if we spot any additional problems with your brakes that we recommend that you address. We can perform all necessary brake repairs on site. We typically recommend brake maintenance service every 20,000-30,000 miles or every two-three years.

What happens during a brake maintenance service?
The signs of brake problems

The signs of brake problems

Make an appointment for brake service if you notice these issues:

  • Your brake warning light comes on. Most cars have both a brake warning light and a warning light for the anti-lock brake system (ABS). Sometimes, a brake light will come on if you haven’t fully released the handbrake. If you confirm that the handbrake is not the issue, schedule service any time you see either indicator light.
  • You hear strange noises when you brake. The two most common noises heard with brake problems are grinding and squealing, but any sound you hear when you brake could indicate a serious problem.
  • Your car pulls to the side when you brake. Pulling to the side, vibrating, and wobbling while braking mean that your brakes aren’t working like they should be.
  • Your brake pedal doesn’t have as much resistance as it used to. Drivers often describe feeling like they can suddenly push their brake pedal all the way to the floor. Any change in the feel of your brake pedal deserves attention.
  • You smell burning when you brake. When this happens, there is usually a problem with your brake fluid.

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