Electrical Diagnosis and Repair

Electrical Diagnosis and Repair

Modern cars have extremely complex electrical systems that are responsible for virtually all aspects of your vehicle’s operation. When a problem occurs in a car’s electrical system, it is important to allow a trained auto technician to diagnose the issue and make the appropriate repairs. At Speedi Automotive, our team has the knowledge and experience necessary for electrical diagnosis and repair of all models of vehicles. If you suspect your vehicle has an electrical system issue, let our expert auto technicians in Rutland diagnose the problem and get you back on the road.

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What’s Vehicle’s electrical system Problems?

Some electrical problems cause the check engine light to come on, which makes it easy for you to know there is an issue and for your auto technician to perform an electrical diagnosis. However, not all issues trigger a warning light. The intricacies of these systems require specialized knowledge, and improper or incomplete repairs can not only cause bigger, more costly issues with your car that could also be dangerous.

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Types of Automotive Electrical Problems

There are countless problems that could occur. However, most electrical problems fall into one of the following few categories:

  • Engine starter glitches
  • Dead or dying battery
  • Alternator malfunctions
  • Short circuits
  • Loose components—fuse boxes, wires, and spark plugs

Diagnosing the cause of the electrical problem is the first step your auto technician will take. In some cases, the problem can be diagnosed using codes from the on-board diagnostic (OBD) system. In other cases, the technician may need to inspect components of the vehicle or drive the car to try to replicate the issues that you report.

Types of Automotive Electrical Problems
Signs of Electrical Problems

Signs of Electrical Problems

These signs also indicate you should make an appointment for electrical diagnosis and repair:

  • Engine takes a long time to crank. If your engine turns over multiple times before starting, you could have an alternator or battery problem. Listen for grinding or clicking noises as your engine cranks which usually indicate that the issue is electrical.
  • Battery keeps dying. Car batteries should last about five years, so if you have a relatively new battery that keeps requiring a jump, the electrical system could be to blame.
  • Headlights and interior lights are dim. Dim lights are a telltale sign of a battery problem. Look for weak dashboard lights and headlights that don’t seem as bright as they used to.
  • Repeatedly blown fuses. It’s not unusual for a fuse to blow in a car without any clear cause. However, if you have to replace fuses repeatedly, then there is a likely an underlying electrical problem to blame.
  • Burning odor. If you smell burning plastic in particular, there is probably a circuitry problem in your electrical system. The smell of burning plastic can indicate a serious issue, so it’s a good idea to stop driving and have the car towed for service.

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