Vermont State Inspections

Vermont State Inspections

Yearly vehicle inspections for all cars on the road are required by law in the state of Vermont. The state requires inspections of specific auto components to ensure the safety and roadworthiness of these vehicles. Speedi Automotive offers Vermont state inspections that are transparent and affordable. If a problem with your vehicle is discovered during the inspection, our highly trained team of technicians can make the appropriate repairs so you can get back on the road quickly.

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When do I need to get a Vermont state inspection?

You are required to have your vehicle inspected annually, so you need a new inspection 12 months after your last one. The state does not allow for grace periods with inspections; if you’re overdue, you could be ticketed. Because of the risk of a failed inspection, it’s a good idea to avoid waiting until the last minute to get your inspection done. You can complete your inspection up to two months before the deadline.

If you have any questions about Vermont State Inspection, our friendly team is always available to answer your questions.
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Can I get a conditional pass if my vehicle fails the inspection?

Before 2019, Vermont vehicles that failed the emissions portion of an inspection could get a conditional pass. This allowed extra time to pay for the necessary repairs. However, conditional passes are no longer allowed in Vermont.

If your vehicle fails state inspection because of emissions, start by checking your vehicle’s emission warranty to see if your repairs are covered. If not, talk to our team of experts about your options for a time extension waiver, which could give you an additional 12 months to make repairs. These waivers are available if all other parts of your vehicle passed inspection, you haven’t had a waiver in the past 12 months, and your repairs will cost more than $200.

The extension only applies to emissions control components. All vehicle safety defects must be repaired in order to receive a pass sticker.

Can I get a conditional pass if my vehicle fails the inspection?
Causes of failed inspections

Causes of failed inspections

Common reasons for failed Vermont state inspections include:

  • Burned out dash indicator bulbs, so that warning lights cannot be displayed
  • Check engine light is illuminated
  • Front windows that don’t work
  • Exterior lights that are burned out
  • Worn brakes
  • Worn tires
  • Exhaust system problems
  • Excessive emission levels
  • Any clear safety hazard observed by the inspector

Get your inspection done at Speedi Automotive

If there are problems with your vehicle's vital systems, we can make the required repairs to get your vehicle approved.
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Get your vehicle ready for inspection

Get your vehicle ready for inspection

If you know you need new tires or have minor issues with burned out lights, get them fixed to avoid any problems.

During the test, your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic computer, also called the OBD, is connected to a computer that communicates directly with the state’s system. This takes the subjective nature out of inspections. However, your OBD must contain enough information to evaluate.

If you’ve recently gotten a new car battery or your car’s OBD was disconnected for any reason, you will need to run your car through one or more drive cycles (operating your vehicle and A/C under various conditions) before an emissions inspection can be successfully performed. Consult one of Speedi Automotive's expert technicians for more information on this essential preparation.

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